About Us

About Us
Hollywood Studio of Dance(HSD) is a non-profit dance school that has something for everyone! HSD uses a variety of dance styles to help build self-esteen, athleticism, and community involvement we create accessible opportunities for all age groups regardless of background, physical ability, or financial situation to experience the joy of dance. We believe dance at Hollywood Studio of Dance helps individuals learn life lessons. Whether they ever dance again or not. It’s what people do with what they learn that matters. The rewards and confidence achieved in the arts carry over to all aspects of a students life. Often, in our community, students do not have a creative outlet in which to express themselves or showcase their talents. Through HSD,those students have the opportunity to flourish. HSD believes all children can be successful in life given the tools, whether they decide to continue in dance or move on to other passions. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we grant dance scholarships, offer accessible dance classes, and have a strong bond with our community. Contributions to HSD go toward scholarships, costumes, and general supports.


Hollywood Studio of Dance(HSD) is an Awarding winning dance school. HSD has been in existent for over 20 years, providing professional dance training in the in-city of North Minneapolis.

Diane Elliott Robinson is the founder and Artistic Director of Hollywood Studio of Dance.
Hollywood of Dance was established in 1991 by Diane Elliott Robinson, a renowned dancer, her dream was to use dance as a vehicle to engage young people and adults to realize their potential by celebrating the joy of life through dance. “The lessons our students learn about themselves through dance are monumental for whatever they pursue in life. We want to build individuals’ self-confidence, help them learn discipline and team work, and to realize their own abilities to achieve their life dreams, “Ms. Diane says.

Board Members:
Sue Owens, Chair
Phyllicia Wise
Yolanda Davis
Jasmine Applewhite

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