What to Wear for Classes
Hollywood Studio of Dance sale dance clothing, dance accessories and shoes in all styles new and used. Support HSD by purchasing these items from us.

Dress Code
It is necessary for students to wear dance attire in order to maintain its professionalism as well as to properly train and correct the dancer body. Stretchy clothes should be worn as your body movements should be seen (nothing too baggy). Appropriate dancewear and shoes are mandatory for all classes. Absolutely no pajama pants or jeans is to be worn during dance classes. Students arriving in unacceptable attire, will be asked to leave class.

Acceptable dancewear includes:
Younger Girls 3-7: should wear leotard to assure that there are no clothing distractions. Tutus and dance skirts are acceptable.

Older Girls: Leotards, tights, leggings, or yoga pants with form fitting top; wearing fitted clothing assists instructors to see the body and make corrections for proper technique training. Students in ballet class should wear leotard or stretch fitted clothing.

Adults Women: Stretchy pants/capris/shorts/tops are appropriate for older kids and adults in any dance class.

Boys and Men: Sweat pants or basketball shorts and t-shirt – no jeans.

Required dance shoes: Ballet, tap, jazz or hip-hop

Appropriate dance shoes should always be worn during dance class; DO NOT WEAR DANCE CLASS SHOES OUTDOORS!

If you don’t have dance shoes for your first class at Hollywood Studio of Dance: ballet and jazz portion may be done barefoot, and tap shoes may be rented for $3.00 each time..

HAIR: pulled back away from the face; pony tail preferred for long hair
JEWELRY: keep to a minimum; no long necklaces or earrings

Being Prepared for Dance Class
Having a Dance bag is the best way to ensure that you’re ready for dance class. As long as you grab your dance bag before walking out the door, there should be no worries about forgetting something crucial. Every dance bag include the following:

• Fitted cotton shirt
• Stretchy pants or shorts
• Extra pair of socks
• Leotard & tights (for kids)
• Dance shoes for all the dance styles your are studying
• Hair brush or comb
• Hair elastic/bobby pins/barrettes

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