Class Description

Combination Classes
Ages 3-7 years old – one hour class, once a week
Combination classes introduce students to two forms of dance styles: ballet and tap or hip hop and jazz. They learn proper terminology to basic skills of both styles of dance.  They also participate in activities to teach coordination, direction following, and social skills. In September, students begin two dances to perform at the annual dance recital in June.

Ages 8-adult – one hour class, once a week.
Students learn basic skills of three styles of dance; ballet, hip hop or jazz, and tap and/or musical theater.  Proper terminology is taught with each step as they are put into an energetic routine for each style. In September, students begin two dances  to perform at the annual recital in June. Students also have the option to try out for the acting cast to perform additional dances and skits in the recital.

Ballet/Jazz Technique
Emphasis on proper posture and developing good ballet foundation. These classes focus on flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning to develop the skills necessary to perform desired splits, leaps, tricks, and to help develop beautiful dancer lines (open enrollment).

Leap and Turn Technique
This class is designed to assist student in focusing on the leaps, jumps, and turns that dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. Must be enroll in Ballet/Technique class to enroll in this class.

Lyrical/Jazz ClassCompetition/Performance Line/ Pre-Competition
Designated for competition groups who are working on improving style, showmanship and precision of their dances. Students learn basic skills in variety of dance; the poise and grace of ballet, the energy and strength of jazz, and the rhythm and coordination of tap. Proper body placement and terminology is taught with each step as they are put into a routine for each styles of dance. All styles of dances are incorporated.  Dance teacher selects which style of dance is to be performed.  Audition required.

Family Dance Class
This class is open to mothers, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, and all other family members who would like to dance together.

Dance Fitness
Dance fitness class with infectious music and easy to follow dance moves that tone and strengthen the body. Fresh, innovative workouts. If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, build endurance, and have fun, our fitness class is for you.

Open Enrollment
Classes for students who want to dance without the commitment of purchasing a costume or participating in the recital. Open enrollment classes are available based on demand.

Beginner: 0-2 years of dance instruction
Intermediate: 3 + years of dance instruction
Advance: 4 + years of dance instruction

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