Enrollment Information

Class fees are charged by the dance season and divided into nine (9) equal monthly installments-September through May. Class and registration fees are due upon registration.

Registration Fee
A one-time fee of $45.00 per family and first month class fees are due at registration. Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Children should be registered for the class that best matches his or her age and ability. Enrollment is on a first-come basis and ends on November 30, 2016 for students expecting to participate in the annual recital. After November 30, 2016, students can only register for open enrollment classes.  All students must complete an enrollment form. 

Information Received at Registration
Information you should obtain and keep for future reference include: Important dates (e.g. closures, due dates), fundraising information (to help with cost), attendance requirements, costume, and recital information.

Forms of Payment
Cash or credit cards only. No checks accepted.

Special Discounts
As an incentive to get more boys to dance with us, boys can enroll in any combination class for only $35.00  per month. Also  family dance classes are $35.00 per month.  No other discounts may be used with these classes. This means these classes are not included in two or more class a week discount.  No coupons or other class discounts can be used for these classes.

Family Discount
Family members with two or more enrolled in the program will receive a 10%-15% discount on class fees. Each family members must be from the same household and living in the same house. No coupons or class discounts can be used with this discount.

Need help with fees?
A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarship qualifications is based on income or students grades. Student must enroll in the nine-month program, complete the scholarship application and hand in require paper work before student can receive the scholarship the following month. Information and scholarship applications are available at the front desk. Information on fundraising opportunities is also available at the front desk. No coupons or other class discounts can be used for this program.

Class Withdrawal
If a student drops a class,  a Class Withdrawal Form must be completed. Parents/guardians will be responsible for paying tuition through the end of the program if a form is not completed.

Class Cancellation
A class with  less than 5 students will be cancelled and merged with another class.

Your class fees are tax deductible on your state taxes. Keep your receipts as proof of payment.

Under Minnesota State K-12 Education Subtractions and Credits, you are able to claim your Hollywood Studio of Dance class tuition on your Minnesota State Income Taxes.

Professional Pictures
Professional pictures will be taken of your child in costume during the month of April. These pictures are a great memento of your child’s dance season. Class pictures appear in the recital program.

HSD Newsletters
Hollywood Swingin’ newsletter is available monthly to inform parents/guardians of all activities related to the studio.  Newsletters can also be viewed on our website. It is the responsibility of parent/guardian to read the newsletter each month.

Forms of Payment Accepted


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