Policies & Etiquette

Policies & Etiquette

Class fees, registration fees and costume cost are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Class Cancellation
A class with  less than 5 students will be cancel and merge with another class.

Class Withdrawal
If a student drops a class, you must fill out  a Class Withdrawal Form.  You will be responsible for paying tuition through the end of the program if a form is not completed. Click on the withdrawal form below, to withdrawal from class.

withdrawal form

Observing Class

  • Parents and visitors may watch class from the benches outside the dance studio.
  • If kids get too distracted, we may put up the window curtains.
  • If any students prefer to not have viewers, we may put up the curtains.
  • Please keep the talking to a minimum; do not let your other child(ren) run around the studio unattended and please do not knock on the window or enter the dance studio while classes are being held!

Students Responsibility

  • Students are to be dressed in dancewear before coming to class.
  • Students should use the bathroom before dance class starts.
  • We’d like all the little ones to start learning how to put on and remove their own dance shoes. Having the little one be responsible for shoes, not only helps them become independent, but also helps with classroom distractions.  If assistance is needed, the instructor and/or the assistance dance teacher can help them.

Attendance/Punctuality/Missed Classes

  • Class attendance and punctuality are a must!!
  • Attendance is very important, not only to each individual, but to the entire group. Students must attend classes on a regular basis in order to learn the dance.
  • Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins. This will allow them to get dressed, use the restroom, etc., and enter the classroom on time.
  •  Missed classes should be made up whenever possible. Students can come to a class of the same age and level to make up a missed class. There are no refunds for missed classes.

General Studio Rules

  • All students and parents are to be respectful of others.
  • Hollywood Studio of Dance has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate or unacceptable behavior.  Consequences could result in removal from class.
  • Children are not allowed to run in the lobby or viewing areas. HSD does not offer childcare, so please monitor your child(ren)’s behavior accordingly. Parents, please keep your children under control.
  • Parents are not allowed on the dance floor while class is in session or in between classes unless, the dance instructor deems it necessary to help a younger child become familiar with his or her surroundings.  After two weeks of class assistance from the parent, it will no longer be needed and the student should be able to come to class alone. The goal is have the child be comfortable with the instructor and their classmates.
  • Please dispose of all trash and keep waiting areas clean.
  • Gum is not allowed in the studio.  No gum chewing in class.
  • No street shoes on the dance floor.
  • No running, playing in the hallways, kitchen area or lobby is allowed. Keep the noise level to a minimum. It is hard to teach classes when the kids and the instructor are being distracted by outside commotion.
  • All shoes and clothes should be marked with the dancer’s name. Students are to bring their dance shoes into the classroom and put them against the wall. Students are responsible for their personal belongings.  HSD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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