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Here’s What We Need

In order to keep the studio running smoothly, there are many supplies that Hollywood Studio of Dance needs.  By having these things, we are able to continue promoting and supporting all of our wonderful programs and the students who benefit from them.  Let us know if you are able to help us keep stocked on any of these items.

  • printer toner for an EPSON 69 Laser Jet 1600 | black, yellow, cyan, magenta?
  • printer paper | plain white & various colors
  • pens
  • Gift certificate to OfficeMax
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • hand soap

If you love dance as much as we do, please give a tax-deductible donation to Hollywood Studio of Dance today. Every penny helps! You can donate via PayPal, or you can make checks payable to: Tap Fever Studios.

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